Desire to Serve

Get involved in your profession by applying for a leadership position with CPhA, or nominate a colleague that CPhA should consider. Volunteer leadership positions include:

  • Board of Trustees
    • President – The President shall preside at all General Meetings of the ASSOCIATION and shall be Chair of the Board of Trustees. The President shall appoint, with the advice and consent of the Board of Trustees, all members of Standing and Special Committees of the ASSOCIATION. The President shall present an address at a General Session of the Annual Meeting of the ASSOCIATION and shall perform such other duties as pertain to the office. The President shall be a Voting Member of the Board of Trustees.


    • Treasurer – The Treasurer shall be elected for a two-year term of office. The Treasurer shall be responsible to the Board of Trustees for supervision of all financial affairs. The Treasurer shall render an annual report of the financial affairs of the ASSOCIATION to the Membership. The Treasurer shall be bonded by the ASSOCIATION, and the Treasurer may be re-elected to office. The Treasurer shall be a Voting Member of the Board of Trustees.


    • Trustee – Members of the Board of Trustees are elected to leadership positions by the membership and are charged with developing the vision, strategy and fiscally oversight of the organization. The Board of Trustees, along with CPhA committees, taskforces, and academies, builds leadership skills in our members.


    • Student-Trustee – One Student Pharmacist Trustee shall be elected in a manner as established by Board of Trustees policy.  The term of office for the Student Pharmacist Trustee shall be one (1) year and he/she shall hold office until the installation of his/her successor.
  • Committees
    • Audit
    • Awards
    • Editorial Review
    • Education Advisory
    • Elections
    • Insurance
    • Legislative
    • Investment

    Committee Descriptions

  • House of Delegates
    • APhA Delegate
    • NCPA Delegate
    • Nominating Committee
    • Reference Committee
    • Speaker-Elect (member of the Board of Trustees)
    • Policy Committee
  • Special Interest Groups
    • Ambulatory Care
    • Community Pharmacy
    • Compounding Pharmacy
    • Inpatient Care
    • Long Term Care
    • Managed Care
    • Pharmacy Ownership
    • Pharmacy Technicians

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