Pharmacy Museum

The Don & June Salvatori California Pharmacy Museum contains thousands of pharmacy artifacts from more than two centuries of pharmacy practice. Inspired by California’s unique and rich history, the museum celebrates the role of the pharmacist in the promotion of health and wellbeing of Californians since the state’s inception in 1850.

A tour of the museum will take you through three distinct time periods in California’s history. The 1890’s room features a pressed tin ceiling, a collection of beautifully crafted glass bottles with glass labels and other period artifacts. The 1940’s pharmacy has an extensive collection of OTC products from that era and a number of prescription books, full of directions for old remedies and mixtures. The modern pharmacy is modeled after the Good Neighbor Pharmacy and was donated by AmerisourceBergen.

In the museum library there is an amazing collection of pharmacy journals and fascinating books spanning over 100 years. An extensive collection of mortars and pestles made of wood, metal and ceramic from all over the world were donated by Sander Gelfand. Museum merchandise (hats, shirts, California history book) are available in exchange for an appropriate donation.

For more information about the museum, to schedule a tour, or to donate your time, please call (916) 779-4526 or email Debby Johnson at Click here to visit the museum website.

As a nonprofit foundation, the CPhA Foundation and pharmacy museum depend on generous donors to provide these services to the public.