Pharmacy Defense Fund

Since 2008, CPhA has been working with other health care providers to fight a legal battle that has now made its way to the United States Supreme Court. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT IN THIS LEGAL EFFORT for the following lawsuits:
  • Three lawsuits, including California Pharmacists Association vs. Maxwell-Jolly, will be argued before the U. S. Supreme Court in the fall. The issue before the Court is whether Medi-Cal providers and beneficiaries have the right to sue the State under the Supremacy Clause of the Unites States Constitution. This right is essential for pharmacists, other providers and Medi-Cal beneficiaries to mount legal challenges to the kind of reckless reimbursement cuts we have seen adopted by the Legislature in the last few years. 
  • Regardless of the U.S. Supreme Court decision, several other lawsuits will not be resolved without further action in the California Courts (including Independent Living Centers vs. Maxwell-Jolly and Santa Rosa Hospital vs. Maxwell-Jolly). These cases have been stalled in court while the California Pharmacists Association vs. Maxwell-Jolly appeal has been pending.
  • CPhA has supported multiple legal battles to protect pharmacy reimbursement under Medi-Cal. For example, the lawsuit filed last year that challenged the rollback of AWP and resulted in an injunction to block implementation of new upper billing limits and MAIC pricing will still require more legal action.
We are working with a committed and experienced team of lawyers in all these efforts, but as you are aware this sort of legal action comes with considerable cost. Not only do we need your help in raising funds for the U.S. Supreme Court case, but also to fight the other legal battles that will follow. These legal challenges are important for all pharmacies in the state; we are working with pharmacy chains and wholesalers for contributions as well. Please consider contributing generously to help us in these efforts. If you wish, contributions can be made on a monthly basis. Click on the link above to make your contribution now. THANK YOU!


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