One of the major benefits of membership in the California Pharmacists Association is the opportunity to develop leadership skills and share your expertise by volunteering your time. CPhA Committees provide a path to leadership by allowing members to identify areas of interest to get involved with. This is your chance to make a difference in your profession. CPhA committees are listed below.

Name of Committee Length of Service
Awards Committee 3-year term
Audit Committee
Editorial Review Committee 3-year term
Investment Committee 3-year term
Insurance Committee 3-year term
Legislative Committee 3-year term
Nominations Committee
(formerly known as Elections Committee)
3-year term
Policy Committees 2-year term

Committee Descriptions

To step into a leadership role, why not get started with a Committee position today? Simply submit a Desire to Serve Form and designate your selected committee areas of interest accordingly. We will forward this information to the CPhA President who is responsible for making committee appointments. Once appointed, you will be requested to attend the meetings of your chosen committee (typically monthly conference calls), support your fellow committee members and help to complete the tasks and activities of the committee. CPhA committees open for volunteers include:

 Standing Committees:

  • Awards Committee (3-year term)
    The committee will be responsible for Hall of Fame selections which require a super majority vote (2/3 of the committee members). The committee also selects winners for Association standing awards as specified in Board Policy and the Association Chapters of Excellence.
  • Audit Committee
    The Audit Committee shall be constituted as otherwise defined in Board Policy.
  • Editorial Review Committee (3-year term)
    Each member of the Committee will recruit authors and review articles each quarter. The Committee is responsible for setting an editorial calendar 18 months in advance.

    • Each member of the Committee will:
      • Attend a monthly conference call and one annual face-to-face meeting each year.
      • Oversee the development of the clinical knowledge content for at least one issue during their term.
      • Review unsolicited articles for appropriateness of publication.
      • Chair is responsible for proofing clinical content of all issues of the journal.
  • Investment Committee (3-year term)
    The committee shall review and report the status of Association investments to the Board of Trustees no less than quarterly. The committee is charged with recommending modifications to the Investment Policy, and monitoring the performance of the brokerage firm or firms managing the investments.  All actions of the committee are advisory and any recommendations are subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees.
  • Legislative Committee (3-year term) The committee shall meet by conference call and in-person as necessary. The committee is responsible for reviewing, analyzing and suggesting positions on introduced and amended legislation in accordance with Association policy. The committee also examines and evaluates the potential for new legislation that would benefit the profession and patients.
  • Insurance Committee (3-year term)
    It shall be the duty of this Committee to review and recommend ASSOCIATlON-sponsored insurance programs. All actions of the Committee shall be approved by the Board of Trustees.
  •  Nominations Committee (formerly known as Elections Committee) (3-year term)
    The Elections Committee shall consider all names received and shall determine the slate of candidates for each of the Officer and Trustee positions to be elected.
  • Policy Committees (2-year term)
    It shall be the duty of these Committees to concern themselves with all professional policy-making matters as they pertain to the practice of Pharmacy, including periodic review of previously adopted policies in accordance with House of Delegates Standing Rules. The Policy Committee shall be composed of twelve (12) Active Members, of which one will be a Student Member. The Policy Committees shall submit recommendations to the House of Delegates for consideration and adoption as ASSOCIATION policy.

 House of Delegates Committees: 

  • House Nominating Committee (1-year term) 
    The Speaker of the House appoints the House Nominating Committee. The committee members are responsible for solicitation of candidates, collecting documents from potential candidates along with conference calls as chair may deem necessary. It shall be the duty of the House Nominating Committee to select the candidates of the Officers of the House of Delegates.
  • Reference Committees A and B (1-year term)
    The Reference Committees shall be appointed by the Speaker of the House for the purpose of receiving and acting upon the reports of the Policy Committees of the Association and such items of new business that may be referred by the Speaker. Recommendations by Reference Committees are then voted on by the House of Delegates; policies that pass become policies of CPhA House of Delegates.

Did you Know?

To be appointed to a committee, all you need to do is ask!  On an annual basis, the President-Elect of CPhA reviews all Desire to Serve forms received by members.  The President-Elect’s review typically takes place in the Spring and once ratified by the Board, appointments take effect after House of Delegates conclude.

If you would like to be considered for appointment to a committee, please submit a Desire to Serve form.  Appointed members must maintain an active membership in CPhA throughout their appointment and be available to meet for regularly scheduled committee meetings.  In most cases, committee meetings take place by conference call and in some instances, in person.