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Call for CPhA Awards Nominations


The California Pharmacists Association’s Awards Ceremony is presented each year at the Western Pharmacy Exchange and is dedicated to honoring individual pharmacists who have dedicated their lives to the profession of pharmacy in the State of California. Pharmacists, technicians, students of pharmacy and CPhA Local Association Chapters are recognized for their support, innovative contributions, leadership, and mentorship to the profession and the community.

Please note that the following people are ineligible from being considered for awards:

If a current committee member is nominated for an award, they must recuse themselves from reviewing the award nominations in the category they are nominated for.

2023-24 Awards Committee members:
Elizabeth Park (Chair), Bin Deng, Clifford Young, Crystal Zhou, Daniel Robinson, Debby Johnson, Edith Mirzaian, Marina Dykhne, Patrick Tabon, & Ralph Saroyan

Thank you to all who submitted. The submission deadline was on December 31, 2023 at 11:59 PM PST.

Award Winners

Learn about the 2024 award winners here.

Learn about the 2023 award winners here.

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Award Categories & Criteria


If you have any questions regarding the CPhA Awards Program, please email membership@cpha.com.