A Long History of Effective Advocacy…

CPhA is the leading organization, advocating for the pharmacy profession in the State of California — representing pharmacists, student pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in all practice settings. Founded in 1869, CPhA has a long history as the most influential state pharmacy organization in the country. Our government affairs staff play an active and crucial role in representing the pharmacy profession before the Board of Pharmacy, the State Legislature and the Governor’s office.. With constant changes occurring in health care policy, you need someone advocating on your behalf. Every year, thousands of bills are introduced in the California State Legislature. CPhA reviews all of these to identify those that will impact pharmacists and the patients you serve, while taking an active role in influencing these laws. CPhA staff is also heavily involved in the regulatory process ensuring that the community pharmacist’s perspective is taken into account by the Board of Pharmacy.

Whether it is in the halls of the Capitol or testifying before the Board of Pharmacy, CPhA staff is working to move the profession forward and defending against threats to your ability to provide care to your patients.

CPhA is committed to addressing the influence health plans and pharmacy benefits mangers (PBMs) have on pharmacy practice; ensuring pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are able to provide appropriate care without corporate interference, and that pharmacists are able to work to the top of their license and be fairly reimbursed.

State Senator Bill Dodd and Assemblymember Blanca Rubio
California Secretary of State Shirley Weber
Senator Josh Newman
California State Treasurer Fiona Ma

Get Involved

While CPhA has professional staff representing pharmacy before the state legislature and Board of Pharmacy, your grassroots advocacy is key to our success. Hearing directly from you on how policies affect your practice and the patient for whom you provide care is invaluable.

Advocacy Day – Assemblymember Mike Fong, Assemblymember Chris Ward, Assemblymember Jim Wood, DDS