The Pharmacy Profession Needs Political Leverage Now More Than Ever!


Along with lobbying and grassroots involvement, CPh-PAC is a pillar of CPhA’s advocacy efforts and has enabled CPhA to become one of the most respected and recognized associations in the Capital.  CPh-PAC supports candidates and legislators who understand our mission of promoting health of the public through the practice of pharmacy.
Due to the fast-changing healthcare policy landscape, the threats and opportunities to the pharmacy profession are greater now than ever before.

Our top priorities include:

  • Preserve the patient-pharmacist relationship by ensuring patients can opt-out of mail order if they want to see a pharmacist they know and trust.
  • Streamline the refill synchronization process to improve convenience for patients with multiple chronic prescriptions and promote MTM services.
  • Authorize pharmacists to furnish naloxone (Narcan) to patients and others in a position to help in order to help reduce opioid overdose deaths.
  • Repeal the Medi-Cal cuts to prevent pharmacies from having to turn patients away or lay off pharmacy staff.
  • Advocate for fair reimbursement for clinical services so that pharmacists can provide the services that provider status enabled.
  • Expand the types of lab tests that can be done in pharmacies.
  • Fight for adequate reimbursement and prevent unconscionable contracts that require pharmacies to get paid at less than cost for services.
These changes are possible, but only with your help.

Defend Your Profession and Contribute to PAC Today!


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Help us achieve our goal of $200,000.  If every CPhA member can make a contribution of at least $100 we will make significant progress towards our fundraising goal!
  • Click here to contribute online
  • Call CPhA to contribute by phone at: (916) 779-1400
  • Mail your contribution to: 4030 Lennane Drive, Sacramento, CA  95834 c/o PAC Manager




What Your Colleagues are Saying:

The stronger the CPh-PAC is, the louder our voice will be!

“CPh-PAC takes my individual contribution, and by joining with others from around the state, increases its value and impact on building relationships with elected officials. At a time when providers are struggling to stay above the water line, CPh-PAC is our life raft.”
– Ira Freeman, CPhA Member
“I can think of no other time in recent history when pharmacy and health care in general has been the topic of discussion in so many homes. This can be to our demise or it can be our greatest opportunity. CPh-PAC is the vehicle to grab this opportunity and without it, we may surly die. Join CPh-PAC now and protect and build pharmacy’s future.”
– David Wilcox, CPh-PAC Past President