House of Delegates

The House of Delegates serves as the Association’s policy-setting body, which occurs each year at CPhA’s Annual Meeting, the Western Pharmacy Exchange. These policies, which are established by delegates who serve in the House of Delegates, guide CPhA in discussions with the legislature, Board of Pharmacy, Department of Health Care Services and any other government agencies. Involvement in this aspect of the Association’s business provides members with an opportunity to have their voice heard and ensures that CPhA policy accurately reflects the collective view of California pharmacists.

2019 HOD

House of Delegates will be separating from the Western Pharmacy Exchange in 2019. HOD will be held in Sacramento on September 13 & 14, 2019. Communications regarding this separation will be sent out as more information is available.

HOD Resources

How Do I Become a CPhA Delegate?

Delegates are generally elected or appointed by CPhA local associations, special interest groups, and student pharmacist chapters. To learn more about becoming a delegate, contact your local association, academy, or the CPhA student representative for your designated school of pharmacy. If you are interested in serving at the House of Delegates, please complete and submit this form.


Policy Committees – Making Recommendations to the House

Another way to participate in the policy-setting process of CPhA is to volunteer for one of the Policy Committees. Policy Committees review existing policies and making recommendations to the House of Delegates on whether the policy is still valid, needs to be amended, or can remain as is as well as analyze new policies that are submitted from members throughout the year. Please complete and submit this form here.

Submitting New Business Proposals and Policy Ideas

Perhaps the single most accessible way in which a member can get involved with the policy-setting process of the Association is by submitting your ideas to the Policy Committees. This is your chance to influence practice in the pharmacy profession. Members have boldly affected change utilizing this process.

In order for a policy idea to be accepted, it must be submitted to a Policy Committee, or to the House of Delegates prior to the opening session at the annual meeting, Western Pharmacy Exchange. Members who propose new policies should also be prepared to present their item at Reference Committee hearings, which are also held during the annual meeting.