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Susan Bonilla CPhA Chief Executive Officer

Susan Bonilla

Susan Bonilla has spent her professional life in public service, first serving her community as a high school English teacher. Susan transitioned into elected office to expand her impact for improved quality of life outcomes for people throughout the state. She first served the City of Concord as council member and Mayor, then was elected to the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors. Susan was then elected to serve in the California State Assembly where she completed three terms in office. She served as Chair of the Business and Professions committee when SB 493 was passed, designating pharmacists as health care providers. She also served for six years on the Health Committee during the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

She brings her years of experience in policy and advocacy to her current position as the CEO of the California Pharmacists Association, the largest state pharmacist association serving pharmacy professionals across all practice settings. CPhA is a membership and volunteer driven association that has experienced the challenges of serving member needs as front-line providers during the COVID-19 pandemic. She leads a team that advocates for pharmacy professionals and provides resources and support as they pursue the goal of increasing access and improved health outcomes in the lives of their patients.