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Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs)

In 2018, we started our fight against PBMs by passing legislation to increase transparency and hold PBMs accountable. AB 315 was a critical first step in bringing to light how PBMs contribute to the rising costs in healthcare. Thanks to Asm. Jim Wood’s leadership, PBMs are now required to register with the California Department of Managed Health Care, disclose cost information and potential conflicts of interest.

But we’re just getting started. PBMs operate in the shadows of the healthcare system, largely escaping the scrutiny of government regulation and licensure. We must fight for even greater transparency and policies that will level the playing field and prevent PBMs from profiting off patients with hidden costs.

Action Plan

We’ve proven that we can beat PBMs before with the successful passage of AB 315. But PBMs threaten patient access to community pharmacies. PBMs, such as Caremark, OptumRx, and Express Scripts have forced patients into their corporate pharmacy control with no regard to patient choice and access to their trusted community pharmacist.

The groundwork has been laid, but we need your help to bring the PBMs to heel.

We’re starting the fight against PBMs profiting from:

  • Patient steering
  • Overriding physician judgement
  • Debilitating post-transaction fees

In order to successfully build out this aggressive plan, we need resources to fight back.

We are asking pharmacy owners and friends of pharmacy to make a contribution to Californians for Access to Life-Saving Medicine, a coalition of the Community Pharmacy Advocacy Group.  These contributions are reserved for these independent owner issues only, and are necessary to hire the best and brightest attorneys and public relations firm. Can we count on your support and contribution for the Community Pharmacy Advocacy Group fund? To contribute, click here.

Join our coalition today to take action against PBMs. Visit for more information.

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The coalition is led by a group of independent, community pharmacists:

Aarondeep Basrai
Ridgecrest Pharmacy

Amy Nguyen, Pharm.D., MBA
Aviva Pharmacy

Jack Vasoya, R. Ph.
Express Pharmacy, Pomona, CA

Jae Suh, Pharm.D.
Olympic Pharmacy

Katie Bass, Pharm.D.
San Joaquin Drug Corporation

Ken Thai, Pharm.D.
986 Degrees Corporation

Kevin Komoto, Pharm.D., MBA
Komoto Pharmacy

Liz Altmiller, PharmD
Your Drug Store, Bakersfield, CA

Micah Hata, Pharm.D.
Western University of Health Sciences

Mohammad Etminan, R.Ph., MS
Total Remedy and Prescription Center

Raja Sannidhi, Pharm.D.
Capitol Drugs

Rich Kane
Oakdale Pharmacy

Tamir Wertheim, Pharm.D., MBA
West Knoll Pharmacy

Vimal Bhanvadia
Advantage Healthcare Services

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