The following list of surveys requests participation from all California pharmacists.


Needs Assessment Survey for Syringe Access Program in Solano County

Dr. Carly Strouse and Dr. Christina Kinnevey, Assistant Professors at Touro University, are conducting a needs assessment for a syringe access program in Solano County. They are currently seeking information and insight from people working or interacting with people who previously or currently inject drugs. They are using the information from this survey to understand and address attitudes towards syringe exchange programs and to learn about potential services offered at a syringe access program in Solano County.

If you choose to participate, at the end of the survey there is a link to add your name to a list for a raffle of a $25 gift card to Target

Duration: 5 minutes

For any questions regarding this survey please email Dr. Richie Duenas

Click here to access the survey.