2019-20 Desire to Serve Form

Welcome to the Desire to Serve Form!  By completing and submitting this form, you are indicating to your colleagues that you wish to be considered for leadership opportunities within the California Pharmacists Association.
Information submitted will be reviewed by the Elections Committee and utilized to determine the best candidates for appointed and elected positions within the California Pharmacists Association.


What does submitting a Desire to Serve Form mean?
Submitting a Desire to Serve form is the first step in indicating to the Board of Trustees and the Elections Committee that you would like to be appointed or elected to various leadership positions.

What is an elected position?
Elected positions require a vote of the membership.  If a candidate is selected by the Elections Committee to be slated for the ballot, you must be elected by a majority vote of the membership to serve in an elected capacity.

What is an appointed position?
An appointed position occurs when the President of the California Pharmacists Association appoints a member to serve on a committee.  Appointed positions do not require a vote of the membership, rather, ratification by the Board of Trustees.

When do terms begin?
Terms will begin in September of each year, commencing with the House of Delegates.  Term limits are as follows:

  • President-Elect: Requires a three year commitment, one year as President-Elect, one year as President, and one year as Past President
  • Speaker-Elect: Requires a two year commitment, one year as Speaker-Elect, one year as Speaker
  • Trustees: Three year term
  • Treasurer: Two year term
  • SIG Chair-Elect: Requires a two year commitment, one year as Chair-Elect, and one year as Chair
  • Committee: Two or three year terms

When will I be notified about my request to serve?
Once you submit your Desire to Serve form, you will receive a confirmation email.  If you would like to receive a copy of your Desire to Serve form, simply email membership@cpha.com.  Candidates seeking elected office will be notified by March 30.  Individuals seeking appointed positions will be notified by June 30.  All election results will be published to the membership by June 30th.  The Board of Trustees requests all elected candidates to be present at the House of Delegates meeting in September 2020.

Who reviews the Desire to Serve forms?
The Elections Committee reviews all Desire to Serve forms for candidates seeking elected office.  The President of CPhA reviews Desire to Serve forms for those seeking appointments.  All forms are kept in confidence throughout the election cycle.  If you have any questions about the Elections Committee, please email membership@cpha.com and your question will be directed to the Chair of the Elections Committee.

Who should I contact with questions?
Please contact membership@cpha.com with any questions or to receive a copy of your submitted form.


Desire to Serve Form