Patty Fong, Pharm.D., BCPS, BCACP

Pharmacist – Option Care & Rx Relief Sacramento, California

My name is Patty Fong and I am a staff pharmacist at Option Care, a home infusion company, and Rx Relief, a pharmacy staffing agency. For 2017, I am the president of the Sacramento Valley Pharmacists Association (SVPhA). I joined CPhA’s Leader Development Institute (LDI) because I wanted to learn more about myself so I can more effectively serve my CPhA local chapter and get people more excited in being involved in our professional organization. As I have gone through the LDI program, I am realizing the strong progress I have made is recognizing how to give back to pharmacy, while also taking care of myself in the whole sense. Being in CPhA and LDI has provided me a strong network

of friends and mentors who have recognized my potential and fostered my growth. I feel like I am a “Doer” and can execute existing activities of SVPhA but I am afraid that I may not have enough forward things to assess and create some more innovative processes to further SVPhA. Every interaction with

my learning coordinator, fellow LDI students and LDI instructors have invigorated me to do more in SVPhA and to improve my health. I have found methods now to prioritize my life better so I have more energy to devote to things I enjoy which honestly does include managing SVPhA.

My choice for an LDI project was to find ways to improve SVPhA so it could be strong and sustainable in my absence. I have a house in Victorville, CA so I plan on moving there from Sacramento when I get a job. My long-term boyfriend currently has a job in Southern California so I plan to support his career and strengthen our relationship. Growing up I was surrounded by people who stressed the importance of making money and having advanced education

so I can be successful. Moving to a smaller town with a lower earning potential has shown me that I now value time spent with others rather than getting a higher salary. I feel this is a sign I have matured, as I am prioritizing happiness and health versus status and salary. I have spent most of my life in the Greater Sacramento Area and have served on the SVPhA board for 5 years. SVPhA has provided me with life-long friendships and a family that has supported me through my health problems and career changes. I still want to be involved with CPhA to continue to build more friendships which would likely be through the Inland Empire Pharmacists Association.

Before I leave Sacramento and my SVPhA presidency, I want to ensure I am training my fellow board members to take over and that I learn from other strong CPhA Chapters. Sacramento is a distinguished CPhA Chapter of Excellence for many years. Orange County Pharmacists Association (OCPhA) also achieved the same honor and has the reputation of being the largest and one of the most active local pharmacy associations. When I was designing my project, I thought I was going to move to Orange County initially, thus I partnered with them as a sister CPhA chapter. Even though I am now relocating somewhere else, I am glad I chose to foster development through OCPhA. For the last few months, I have been in contact with Jorge Farias, the president-elect for OCPhA and fellow LDI 2017 member, as well as Tony Dao, the current OCPhA President. We share meeting minutes and agendas to get ideas for how to better structure membership and networking/ fundraising/ professional events. It has also shown us ways to improve our publicity and mentor our fellow pharmacists, budding intern pharmacist and pharmacy technicians. I flew down and attended their 3rd Annual OCPhA Family Picnic to be enlightened about new and improved ways to run a membership event that appeals to current OCPhA members, future OCPhA members, and their friends and family. I am impressed by how elegant and organized their flyer, website, Facebook, and ease of RSVP process. I originally also wanted to attend OCPhA board meetings and regularly involve myself with OCPhA, but flying out every month did not align with my work schedule. I feel I have discovered better ways to harness enthusiasm to increase the SVPhA membership and highlight the strength of existing members.

I had memorable times during LDI. I also enjoyed the aspects of the “Strengths Finder Quiz” a lot. It helped me identify that I embody Harmony. Sometimes we need to not just accept the norm to avoid conflict but need to be willing to be uncomfortable and take initiative to better the situation, like having performance conversations. I am a Learner because I am always trying to analyze information so I can help others with my new knowledge. I want to understand why something is the way it is and to be recognized for doing my best. LDI Session 3 taught me the most about how to incorporate my OCPhA sister chapter activities and SVPhA performance. The presentation about performance conversations and closing conversations really resonated with me. I need to identify more skills in my existing board members and find their interests and needs before I can fully utilize them to further my evolving vision of what Sacramento Valley Pharmacists Association can be. Meeting new friends and being able to be vulnerable taught me to be more comfortable and accept who I am, and share it with others. I am strong in spite of my health problems. I can be a friend to new people and learn from everyone’s projects about different ways people are demonstrating their strength of spirit as well.

I need all of you to find something that makes you feel whole. Sacramento Valley Pharmacist Association members stood by me and boosted my confidence when my health and well-being were in jeopardy. Creating structure in the organization increased my self-esteem that I was doing something right in the middle of the chaos. The main reason why I joined LDI was to learn more about myself so I could give back to SVPhA, my family, what they gave me which was support. Now I can say I am ready to move to Victorville and my new chapter in life after learning from OCPhA and LDI to make SVPhA flourish even in my absence.