CPhA Responds to Board of Pharmacy and CPJE Decision

The California Pharmacists Association is advocating on behalf of all pharmacists affected by the California Board of Pharmacy’s (BOP) decision to invalidate all pending California Practice Standards and Jurisprudence Exam (CPJE) results. In addition to checking CPhA.com for updates, we encourage those affected to follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to receive up to the minute information.

Latest News

November 5, 2019

As you finalize and review for the CPJE in the coming weeks, the California Pharmacists Association (CPhA) aims to provide the platform for pharmacists to succeed within our profession, even with unforeseen challenges outside of your personal control.  We have put together some complimentary support in these challenging time by consolidating a few resources that will help better prepare for the exam. Access these valuable resources by contacting membership@cpha.com.

October 21, 2019

The Board of Pharmacy’s unilateral decision to invalidate CPJE results continues to gain attention from policy makers and media outlets. On Friday, LA Times reporter, Soumya Karlamangla spoke to Take Two, hosted on Southern California Public Radio about the Board’s broad over-reach and unfair impact on pharmacists with California Pharmacist Associations’ response. Take a listen beginning at 15:18. http://ow.ly/39yv50wQLBN

October 18, 2019

The Board of Pharmacy’s decision to invalidate CPJE test scores has made national news. According to the Pharmacy Times, the Board of Pharmacy has provided different reasons to candidates for holding scores since July. This is why CPhA continues to bring light to the Boards actions and the vast impact it has on pharmacists and the profession. http://ow.ly/mo8H50wOZMk

October 17, 2019

  • CPhA sent a follow-up letter to the California Board of Pharmacy with key legislators copied to urge the Board to reconsider their decision to invalidate the CPJE results of 1,400+ pharmacists. CPhA is committed to advocating for a timely resolution that is fair to all pharmacists involved and California consumers the Board of Pharmacy is tasked to protect.
  • Jon Roth, CEO of California Pharmacists Association, spoke on behalf of the profession in an article in the LA Times regarding the CPJE licensing exam issue.

October 16, 2019

  • Jon Roth, CEO, discusses how over 1,400 pharmacists are being held hostage in California. Listen to his podcast recording on the Pharmacy Podcast Network, here.
  • The recommendation by CPhA to the California Board of Pharmacy to release the CPJE scores of was referenced in the FOX26 Fresno news coverage on Monday, October 15. The decision made last week continues to negatively affect both pharmacists not under investigation for alleged cheating and also the consumers these pharmacists would be serving. http://ow.ly/qgDx50wN9Ga

October 11, 2019

Today, the CA Board of Pharmacy notified current candidates that took the CPJE that “all pending CPJE results have been invalidated. The board is working on a solution to allow impacted candidates a limited opportunity to retake the CPJE at no cost. The board expects to release more information about how to retake the exam within a week.”

CPhA acknowledges the Board’s responsibility “to ensure applicants can reliably demonstrate they possess the proper knowledge, training and skill necessary to provide competent pharmacy care for California consumers.” However, the action taken by the Board does not allow pharmacists who completed their exam ethically and satisfied all other requirements for licensure to receive their license and serve the patients in California by further delaying the process and penalizing those who are not under investigation. CPhA is very disappointed in this broad brush action taken against the entire cohort and will continue to work on behalf of the pharmacists wishing to practice in California that are directly impacted by the Board’s decision.  

September 25, 2019

Given the uncertainty surrounding the CPJE test, CPhA remains steadfast in providing pharmacists assurance that we take action on the professions’ behalf. Today, CPhA sent in this letter to the California Board of Pharmacy, requesting that they release the exam scores of the current cohort, followed by the issuance of cease and desist orders and revocations to those found in violation of any state law and/or board regulations. Allow those pharmacists who are not implicated to get licensed for the benefit of patient care. To read a copy of the letter sent to the Board of Pharmacy, click here.