Partners in COVID-19, Partners in Pharmacy

The California Pharmacists Association’s corporate partners make the difference.



Advocacy, Partnership, Communication

Advocacy – Sending letters to congress on our customers behalf. Donated $1M to support communities, individuals, and nonprofits impacted by COVID-19.

Partnership – Partnering with vendors to provide solutions and programs for COVID-19. (Such as testing, signage, and patient communication.)

Communication – Communicating critical information about COVID-19 to all customers via webinars, podcasts and many other sources.


Accountable, Partnership, Support

Understanding the critical need to protect front-line healthcare workers as they care for patients across the globe, we are doing everything we can to effectively manage and maintain supply of PPE products, as well as non-PPE products that have potential for increased demand. We are partnering closely with trade groups including Health Industry Distributors Association, Healthcare Distribution Alliance, National Community Pharmacists Association, National Association of Chain Drug Stores, Healthcare Ready, and AdvaMed to respond to industry wide challenges. We are also working closely with supply chain partners and the federal government, including the Department of Health and Human Services and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, to gain insights, optimize our response and identify additional sources of critical product.


Resilient, Unwavering, Passionate

We are working with pharmacists and pharmacies to enact creative legal and regulatory solutions to increase access to hospitals overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients, such as creating mobile pharmacies in hotels located next to health systems.

We are working with local cities and ordinances to ensure affordable hand sanitizers and PPE to healthcare workers and the general public, such as the City of Santa Monica, which has voiced concerns that certain pharmacies not engage in price gouging for these items during the current pandemic.

We advise pharmacists and pharmacies on how to properly compound and furnish hand sanitizer under the new state and federal emergency regulations that would otherwise render this activity as unlawful manufacturing.


Vaccine, Treatments, Collaboration

Building on the groundbreaking science and scalable production platforms we have in place from our work on Ebola, Zika, and HIV, the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson have accelerated the development of a safe and effective vaccine for the novel coronavirus. Johnson & Johnson has selected a lead COVID-19 vaccine candidate from constructs it has been working on since January 2020 and has significantly expanded its existing partnership with the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA). We are working to rapidly scale our manufacturing capacity with the goal of providing a global supply of a vaccine on a not-for-profit basis for emergency pandemic use.


Supply, Support, Safety

On March 29, 2020, our CEO Brian Tyler had the opportunity to underscore to President Trump, Vice President Pence and other administration officials the critical role McKesson plays in the medical supply chain and outline all the ways in which we are doing our part in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. As a distributor of essential health care supplies and medicines, we are working closely with the administration, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Department of Health and Human Services, as well as other federal and state agencies and industry partners to ensure supplies and medicine reach those who need them most – people on the front lines of this pandemic. We are doing everything that we can to continue to supply our customers and protect the safety of our employees.


Telehealth, Protection, Information

CPhA’s sponsored professional liability program covers members for services approved by the California Board of Pharmacy, including telehealth. Mercer has continued to service our clients exactly as we did prior to Covid 19, and is operating as normal. Please feel free to call, email us, or visit our website: Mercer has business and human resources information about the coronavirus pandemic available online. Visit:


Evolve, Encourage, Empower

Evolve – NHA is evolving to better support learners and employers with additional options for accessing the ExCPT exam to help ensure that certified pharmacy technicians are available on the front lines to deliver quality care.

Encourage – Supporting and providing encouragement, NHA is proud to celebrate the efforts of front line healthcare professionals working tirelessly to help our communities and loved ones.

Empower – In these unprecedented times, we want to assure you that our whole team remains invested in your safety and success, as well as in that of your programs, your learners and staff. We are happy to provide tools and resources to help you flex and transition as necessary.


Counseling, Communication, Solutions

Our pharmacists are counseling patients to answer their COVID-19 questions and concerns as it relates to their condition. We are communicating with our contracted nursing agencies to ensure infusion nurses are using precautions according to CDC guidelines when treating patients at home; and partnering with payers to approve moving patient’s site of care from their physician’s office/clinic to their home. Our employees’ health and safety are of paramount importance and nearly 90% of our 145 employees are working from home and those who are required to work on-site are following strict CDC guidelines.


#CompoundingHandoff, Donations, Member Support

As we navigate the unprecedented COVID-19 public health crisis together, PCCA’s number one priority remains helping compounders safely care for their patients and communities through our products, education and support.

PCCA’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Center at provides customizable resources, links and other helpful information to assist compounding pharmacies.

Over 100 pharmacies across the continent have taken part in the #CompoundingHandoff campaign by donating much-needed compounded hand sanitizer to their local law enforcement, fire departments, EMTs and other health care providers.


Science Will Win

As outlined in Pfizer’s five-point plan, the company has been collaborating across the healthcare innovation ecosystem ranging from large pharmaceutical companies to the smallest of biotech companies, from government agencies to academic institutions to address the COVID-19 global health care crisis. Researchers and scientists have been relentlessly working to develop an investigational antiviral compound to treat SARS-CoV-2, which causes the current pandemic of coronavirus infections (COVID-19), a vaccine to prevent infection as well as evaluating other therapies that have scientific potential to help infected patients fight the virus.


Support, Educate, Purpose

Support – Ralphs grocery stores and Pharmacies continue to support our communities, continuing operations to provide the essentials of food and medicine to our neighborhoods.

Educate – Ralphs Pharmacists continue to educate patients through our no-contact clinical services, ensuring they have the power to be as healthy as possible. Knowledge is key to health and provides the best chance to overcome any illness.

Purpose – Our purpose is to Feed the Human Spirit by supporting our communities and connecting with our patients on an emotional and personal level, helping them live healthier lives


Quality, Service, Experience

Rx relief understands how important it is in these times to not only provide our Clients and Candidates with an outstanding experience, but also to do everything we can to be here for what you’ve always expected from us. We strive daily for you to be able to count on us for the same service and experience you received prior to anyone even hearing the term, COVID-19. We have been, and are, your partner yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

CPhA wishes to thank all of our corporate partners from the past, present and future. Collectively, we make a difference in the lives of all Americans and for our pharmacy professionals who are curbing the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are honored to work with all of our partners,
who are leaders in innovation, science and pharmacy.

Together, we are CPhA!