Western Pharmacy Exchange

Pharmacy professionals, the California Pharmacists Association (CPhA) wants you to know that WE HEAR YOU. As new information about Coronavirus (COVID-19) comes to light, and new directives are established by the hour, we understand that your attention must remain on the patients you are sworn to provide care for. To ensure your undivided attention on the priorities at hand, CPhA is cancelling Western Pharmacy Exchange: Virtual.

The cancellation of WPE: Virtual simply means that the Board of Trustees and your association are pivoting in response to the rapidly changing landscape. This crucial redirection enables CPhA to provide you with the most important resources to support your role as a pharmacy professional in the short and long term. Our priority is to ensure that you are kept apprised of the most important news and to provide you with the tools and resources to promote your well-being.

To provide additional context to our multi-faceted strategy, we have outlined our immediate priorities:

The Center for Advocacy is in constant communications with the California Board of Pharmacy, urging them ensure that regulations are aligned with the current public health needs of California. We have also communicated our desire to the Governor’s office that he take immediate action to remove barriers preventing pharmacists’ ability to address the current public health crisis.

The Center for Learning is making arrangements to host a virtual poster session and intends to present updates and guidance on COVID-19 and living in a pandemic. We are working toward incorporating certain elements of Western Pharmacy Exchange into the CPhA House of Delegates meeting, taking place in Pasadena September 11-13. Refunds for WPE attendees are now in process, and staff is working directly with exhibitors and sponsors to ensure their sponsorship needs are met. Pharmacists seeking continuing education will have access to WPE 2018 CE content. Details about the above opportunities will be shared as they become available.

The Center for Communications is actively sharing vital information on social media and on our newly refreshed COVID-19 resources page. We encourage you to interact with CPhA on social media as your time allows.

The work of the Association is moving forward! Be it hosting Local Leaders calls and committee meetings or participating in the American Pharmacists Association’s Virtual House of Delegates session, CPhA maintains our day-to-day activities. Early next month, we will send out membership renewal reminders for those on a July-June membership cycle. Be sure to look out for early bird discounts during the month of April and save!

On behalf of the Board of Trustees and the dedicated team of staff supporting the pharmacy profession, it is an honor to work alongside each of you as you ensure the health of our communities. These times will define us as a profession and create a legacy for our future. Together, we are One Profession. One Voice.

Question & or Concerns
Please email events@cpha.com or contact the office by calling (916) 779-1400.