Leader Development Institute

LDI Program

Note: The Leader Development Institute Program is on hold until Summer 2021.  Please do consider applying in the interim!

Program Status

The LDI program includes four, day-long in-person sessions spread over a 9-month period, with the first session occurring immediately after CPhA’s Leader Development Weekend.

Due to the inability to set reliable meeting dates because of COVID-19, CPhA is postponing the start of the next LDI cohort until Summer 2021.  While dates have not yet been established for the in-person sessions, CPhA will continue to accept applications on a rolling basis.  Once dates have been set (likely in early 2021), applicants will be contacted with more details.

(entire 9-month program) Tuition
CPhA Member   $1,900
Non-Member*      $2,300

*One year of membership is included in the non-member rate

For the next cohort, CPhA is generously providing up to 18 select participants with scholarships to cover all tuition costs except for a $500 nonrefundable deposit ($900 for nonmembers – this includes 1 year of CPhA membership) which must be paid within 14 calendar days of being notified of acceptance to the program.

Upon successful completion of the yearlong program (which includes attendance at every live session), CPhA will apply $400 of the deposit’s value toward the graduate’s registration fee for CPhA’s 2022 Western Pharmacy Exchange.

Readiness Assessment

LDI Application

“Leadership itself cannot be pursued but must be ensued through gaining a deep belief in your own worth and with a realistic understanding of your strengths, interests, values, and needs. LDI creates a learning environment that results in complete self-development of accomplished and compassionate practitioners. Through self-discovery, Leader Development Institute allowed me to develop into a practitioner who is prepared to serve, inspire, and lead in the pharmacy profession.”

– Dr. Elizabeth Akhparyan, LDI Graduate


Program Overview

2019 LDI Participants & Faculty

In 2013, CPhA partnered with the nonprofit Pharmacy Leadership & Education Institute to launch Leader Development Institute (LDI), an annual program aimed at developing the transformative leaders who effectively pursue CPhA’s mission: “To advance the practice of pharmacy for the promotion of health.”

LDI is a 9-month leader development program consisting of four in-person sessions, with individual and small group work performed virtually between sessions. This program’s unique approach to leader development challenges its participants to examine their current approaches to leadership in their daily lives and assess how their current strategies work for them. This intensive self-examination allows participants to discover their blind spots and make the choice to create the space they need to adopt and assess new philosophies and practices presented to them throughout the program.

What differentiates CPhA’s LDI program from many other leadership seminars is its emphasis on self-awareness and discovery and the deliberate application and practice of leadership skills. While attendance at the four in-person sessions is critical, the work that attendees perform in their daily lives between sessions makes the biggest impact. A Learning Coordinator and members of a 3-4 person Learning Pod support participants in the completion of this work.

LDI participants develop a project that represents a personal and significant passion for them, explores a topic this is of interest to CPhA members or applicable to the organization, and embraces the engagement, empowerment, and leadership of others.


Learning Objectives

Individuals who successfully complete this program will be able to:

  • Recognize and describe at least one previously unrecognized behavior that, prior to this program, had been repeatedly impeding their personal and professional growth & success
  • Explain how they distinguished this behavior and the impact it has had on their personal and professional lives
  • Describe breakthroughs they have achieved in personal and professional relationships and performance as a result of their intentional effort to transform the behavior
  • Identify their unique personal contribution to the profession/CPhA
  • Utilize alternative approaches to cultivate different behavior to enhance personal and professional activity

To get a preview of LDI, register for the Leadership Development Weekend!

CPhA’s Leader Development Institute is provided in partnership with the Pharmacy Leadership & Education Institute (PLEI). PLEI is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to advancing healthcare by improving the leadership capabilities of America’s pharmacists and student pharmacists. As a nationally active enterprise, PLEI strives to reach as many pharmacists as possible, to help them grow in their personal leadership skills, giving them examples of how to apply these skills in pharmacy settings (e.g., ambulatory, inpatient, long-term care, corporate, academia, government) and in their personal lives.