Accredited Provider Resources

We appreciate that your organization, as a CAPE accredited provider, has maintained the commitment to offer quality continuing education to California pharmacy professionals. The information and forms in this section will be updated periodically so you are encouraged to check back often. If you have any questions, please contact CPhA staff by email or call (916) 779-4524.  Thank you again for your commitment to CAPE and we hope that you enjoy this valuable resource!


Submit Your Notification of Coursework & Notification of Changes Forms Online

Our online process will make it quicker and easier for Providers to submit their Notification of Coursework and Notification of Changes. Links to the forms can be found at the bottom of this page under “Current Forms”.

Annual Renewal/Audit Process

  1. The annual renewal and audit processes were combined to increase efficiency and convenience and to accurately review a provider’s ability to comply with the established record-keeping and reporting guidelines (which is the primary basis for renewal).  Providers will be required to submit materials from one CE program presented in the previous year along with their renewal notification form and payment; organizations that did not provide CE programs in the previous year will only be required to submit the renewal notification form and payment.
  2. All providers should know when their accreditation status is up for renewal.  If you do not know this information, please contact CPhA staff at (916) 779-4524.
  3. Renewal/Audit Deadlines can be found at the bottom of this page under “Current Forms”.  Providers will be notified 2 ½ months prior to their expiration date and will have 6 weeks in order to submit the required renewal/audit materials and payment to CAPE. Upon receipt of the Provider’s materials, CAPE will complete the audit process (which includes sending course materials to a qualified reviewer to judge the quality of the program based on the Standards of Practice and the California Code of Regulations), review the provider’s reporting and record keeping history for the past year and submit the Provider’s “Renewal/Audit Status Report” on or before their expiration date.  It is imperative that the deadlines are met so that a Provider’s accreditation status is not jeopardized.
  4. CAPE will send all renewal/audit notifications via email unless the Provider specifically requests otherwise. The emailed notifications will include a reminder about the process, the designated deadlines and the appropriate form(s).  Providers will be responsible for completing and submitting the form(s) by the designated deadlines.
  5. Refer to the Fee Schedule for information re: Renewal and Audit fees.

Current Forms & Resources