Dues Restructure

One of the primary strategic plan initiatives established by the CPhA Board of Trustees is for CPhA to be a ‘leader in advocacy to ensure a thriving future for the profession.’ There are three components to effective advocacy: direct lobbying, grassroots advocacy and political activity.

CPhA has made great strides in direct lobbying and has earned a reputation as a well-respected advocate for pharmacists in the Capitol. The CPhA lobbying team has spent years building a credible and valued reputation among various stakeholders who now invite CPhA to the table when pertinent health care issues arise. Similarly, CPhA grassroots advocates are a strong force in engaging in professional issues at the local level.  However, the third component of an effective advocacy program, the California Pharmacy Political Action Committee (CPh-PAC), is significantly lagging behind other political groups and must become a higher priority to continue to grow the organization’s stature and expand its influence among elected officials.

To grow a strong PAC for pharmacists, CPhA has restructured its 2019 dues to include a PAC contribution. The PAC contribution amount has been strategically aligned in proportion with current member dues to ensure a minimum member increase and achieve maximum PAC fund growth.


Contribution to be added to membership dues per member status, effective January 1, 2019

Member Status
Amount of Increase
Pharmacist $100
3rd Year Postgrad $90
2nd Year Postgrad $45
1st Year Postgrad $30
Joint Member / Spouse $75
Student-Pharmacist $20
Student-Technician $20
Associate Member $50
Retired (65 or older) $50
Technician $40
Undergraduate $10
Disabled 0
Honorary Member / Life Widow 0
Lifetime Member 0


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