Department Descriptions

The California Pharmacists Association (CPhA) is comprised of highly trained and motivated individuals that work to advance the profession of pharmacy within California. Our 14 team members support the Board of Trustees, committees, special interest groups, and the mission of the California Pharmacists Association. Below, you will find departmental responsibilities and contact information for management. Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries.


Susan Bonilla, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), is the highest ranking executive within CPhA. Susan is responsible for making major corporate decisions, managing the overall operations and resources, and acts as the main representative and point of contact for the Board of Trustees. Appointed by the Board, Susan ensures that the strategic vision is executed.

Susan manages the Audit. Investment and Insurance Committees. She represents CPhA at the National Association of State Pharmacy Associations (NASPA) and partner association meetings.

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Under the guidance of Dr. Rajan Vaidya, Vice President. Practice & Professional Development. the Department is responsible for executing innovative education and professional development programming. In addition, they are responsible for the implementation of key initiatives within the Association’s strategic plan to advance the profession of pharmacy, as well as the management of CPhA’s alliance partnerships.

The Department of Practice & Professional Development is responsible for staffing the Educational Advisory Committee, Reference Committee, and House Nominating Committee. In addition, the Department manages the CPhA-ASP Board of Directors and logistics for all events, including House of Delegates, Western Pharmacy Exchange, Digital Health Conference, and other professional development programs.

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Under the guidance of Sheila Johnston, Senior Vice President. Business Operations, the Department of Membership, Communications and Operations is responsible for executing communication strategies, pharmacists, student pharmacists, and technician recruitment and retention membership campaigns and the day-to-day finance operations of the California Pharmacists Association (CPhA).

Managing multiple teams of professionals and subject matter experts, Sheila leads campaigns to increase revenue, engagement of stakeholders internal and external stakeholders (for example, local chapter associations) and the impact CPhA generates beyond the pharmacy profession.

All campaigns are enhanced through the use of digital and print marketing strategies to elevate the awareness of the pharmacy profession and the support that CPhA provides to our members.

The Department of Membership, Communications and Operations is responsible for all media inquiries, designing marketing material. staffing the Elections, Awards, Editorial Review Committees, the Pharmacy Leadership Network Board of Directors, and serving as a liaison to Local Chapter Leaders. In addition, the Department manages the allocation of delegates for CPhA. APhA and NCPA annually, and oversees the election and appointment of individuals to leadership positions within CPhA.

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The Department of Government Relations & Corporate Affairs is responsible for all advocacy efforts: legislative, grassroots, regulatory and political. Managed by Michelle Rivas, Executive Vice President. Government Relations & Corporate Affairs, the department is also responsible for establishing relationships with business entities necessary to the practice of pharmacy.

The Department of Government Affairs & Corporate Relations is responsible for Legislative and Policy Committee, Corporate Advisory Council. Community Pharmacy Advocacy and Special Interest Groups.

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