Contributor Levels

What Your Colleagues are Saying:

The stronger the CPh-PAC is, the louder our voice will be!

“CPh-PAC takes my individual contribution, and by joining with others from around the state, increases its value and impact on building relationships with elected officials. At a time when providers are struggling to stay above the water line, CPh-PAC is our life raft.”

– Ira Freeman, CPhA Member

“I can think of no other time in recent history when pharmacy and health care in general has been the topic of discussion in so many homes. This can be to our demise or it can be our greatest opportunity. CPh-PAC is the vehicle to grab this opportunity and without it, we may surly die. Join CPh-PAC now and protect and build pharmacy’s future.”

– David Wilcox, CPh-PAC Past President

Contributor Levels

Double-Diamond Circle $5,000 and above per year
Diamond Circle $2,500 to $4,999 per year
Platinum Circle $1,000 per year
Gold Circle $500 per year
Silver Circle $250 per year
Century Circle $100 per year
Member Circle – Student Level $25 per year